Samples Import Permit

Before starting importing medical products and starting the production process, all businessmen should familiarize themselves with the list of products they are planning to use on the territory of Russia. That's the situation when it's necessary to request samples of products to check their compliance with quality, safety, and efficiency requirements. All above mentioned actions are intended for achievement of the same goal — obtainment of the marketing authorisation for a medical product, as well as other mandatory permits.

Many manufacturers often have various questions:

  • What do samples of products include?
  • How to obtain the samples import permit
  • Is it necessary to pay customs fees?
  • What is the amount of the customs fees, how is it calculated, etc.

Samples are the medical products imported for carrying out special tests with them. The main task in this situation is to show the customs authorities that the samples you're going to import won't be utilized in the territory of Russia unless all required permits are issued.

The procedure of import of medical products is regulated by Order of the Ministry of Health of Russia No. 7n dated 06/15/2012.

The Russian legislation strictly controls import of medical products in Russia. That's why you should thoroughly prepare to the procedure of issuance of permits for your products if you've decided to register a medical product for further sales on the Russian markets. As it's necessary to issue and sign all relevant documents, copies of contracts and other documents the Customs service may require before import.

For Obtainment of the Samples Import Permit, It's Necessary to Submit
  • Application for registration
  • Exact name of the product and all design options
  • LOT/serial number of the product
  • Manufacturer's legalised power of attorney
  • Agreements with laboratories for carrying out of toxicological and technical tests

Permit for import of medical products for the state registration has limited duration (6 months since the date of issuance); the period of issuance of the Import Permit regulated by the legislation is 5 business days from the moment of filing the application; In this case, the state duty is not provided

The cost of this service is ₽50,000.

Conditions of Import of Medical products Specified by the Legislation

You have no right to import the prohibited medical products listed in the uniform list of EEU

You can import the samples of medical products without certificates if you are planning to conduct tests for further registration procedure but only upon the following conditions:

  • You have proof of import of the samples
  • You've signed a contract for certification of the imported samples
  • You've approved and signed documents for shipment of the samples together with the supplier (don't forget to specify that the imported medical products are samples and specify their price regardless of conditions upon which you are shipping them (for free or on a paid basis))
  • You've paid customs fees (if necessary). If you haven't done it, the imported samples may be blocked or not considered imported. As a result, it may lead to negative consequences leading to large losses of valuable time
Please note!

If customs value of the samples of medical products doesn't exceed €200, import of such samples is not subject to mandatory reporting and payment of customs dues; If the value exceeds €200, the imported samples of medical products should be reported and customs fees should be paid

Moreover, while importing the samples, you may be asked to submit the contract of carrying out of tests, the statement of tests, protocols and acts of tests, confirmation of legitimacy of import of the samples, and so on. In other words, the authorities have right to request all the previously executed documents required for import of the samples of medical products.

Hence, to use the new medical product on the territory of Russia, it's necessary to make a lot of efforts. As the legislation specifies strict procedure of import of samples, one wrong action or mistake may sufficiently complicate all the process of the state registration of a medical product.

If necessary, you may get more detailed consultation concerning obtainment of the Samples Import Permit , without which you can't get through customs and perform all required tests or research of your medical product.

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