Offsite Consultations

Offsite consultations is a unique and very interesting form of services by virtue of which you obtain new knowledge and experience in the area of registration of medical products.

Everybody knows that during various stages linked to issuance of permits for medical products, some nuances and issues may arise. That's why the QUALITY ALLIANCE company has developed the Offsite Consultations service as part of the "We Share Experience!" programme.

Our experts have been conducting such consultations for several years. These actions help solve the problems arisen, improve knowledge and practical skills necessary for execution of mandatory documents without which it's illegal to sale medical products, and such medical products are not safe for their consumers.


Benefits of Offsite Consultations


Nowadays, it's possible to find almost any information on the Internet. On the other hand, it's necessary to spend a lot of time for collection, analysis, systematization, filtering and studying of notion obtained this way. Besides, our consultations provide transfer of real practice and skills and this information can't be found on the Internet as we share our own unique methodology and knowledge with you.

As a result of the offsite consultations, you'll learn the capsulized information you're interested in. Knowledge obtained in such way can be applied in practice without any doubt. We share information you don't possess without which it's not possible to register a medical product successfully. Our consultations are very valuable and much-in-demand, because they've already helped achieve good results on multiple occasions.

Another major benefit of such service is that it allows you to achieve the required result much quicker than when trying to figure anything out on your own.

Our experts carry out offsite consultations both in Russia and abroad.


The following stakeholders may use the Offsite Consultations service:



  •    Authorised representatives of the manufacturers
  •    Experts in the field of registration of medical products
  •    Other concerned persons


Want to achieve more results and do it quicker?

– The offsite consultations will help overcome all obstacles on your way!

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