Necessity and advantages of state registration of medical devices

For successful sales in the Russian market, it's necessary to obtain all relevant permits. Registration of new medical products in accordance with the regulations of the Russian legislation.

Please note!

Entities selling medical products without marketing authorisation may be held liable (administratively, disciplinary, or criminally)

That's why it's so important to obtain all permits for medical products. Moreover, violation of laws in the field of medical product utilization is inadmissible and dangerous because:

  • It's illegal
  • You may be brought to responsibility
  • You lose your fiscal advantages

Production and sales of medical products may be successful only in case such activity fully complies with the Russian legislation in the field of utilization of medical products as the government strictly controls this area.

To avoid any responsibility, each manufacturer of medical products should familiarize itself with the Russian legislation regulating utilization of medical products .

If any supervision agency reveals any violations by the manufacturer, the latter will receive an order, as well as an audit report.

If the order is not complied with within the specified term, the violator may be held administratively liable.

Moreover, if any adverse reactions not specified in the user's manual or instruction for use occur during utilization of the medical product, the supervision agency should be notified about it.

In case of suppression or failure to submit facts about adverse reactions, new manifestations caused by interaction between medical products, as well as threat for human life and health, the legal actions specified by the Russian legislation may be taken against the violator.

If application of an unregistered medical product caused injury to a patient, those people who are responsible for it may be held disciplinary liable or even prosecuted.

Marketing Authorisation is the document which gives a right to 10 percent tax rate or even VAT exemption for sales of medical products.

Non-Taxable Medical Products
  • vitally important and necessary medical equipment
  • equipment and materials for prevention of disability or rehabilitation of desibled people
  • Prosthetic and orthopaedic accessories
  • Glasses, contact lens, frames (except sunglasses)
  • Raw materials for manufacturing of semi-processed materials for prosthetic and orthopaedic accessories
Please note!

Medical goods included in the Vitally Important and Necessary Equipment category is exempt from VAT; medical products included in List No. 688 dated 09/15/2008 are taxed at the rate of 10 percent; other medical products not included in any of the above categories are taxed at the rate of 18 percent

Therefore, for successful business in the area of medical product utilization, it's necessary to comply with the Russian legislation, which includes obtainment of Marketing Authorisation. As its non-availability doesn't give any right to such fiscal benefits as VAT exemption or decreased 10 percent tax rate.

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