Icone Lab GmbH LLC (Russia)
"REPEREN polymeric endoprosthesis"
3 RU
8 month
BTK Style LLC (Russia)
"Implants for stabilization of spine"
2 RU
6 month
VMT LLC (Russia)
"Central nervous system electrostimulation systems"
4 RU
8 month
Kit-Service LLC (Russia)
"Normocard software of 24-hour ECG monitoring"
2 RU
7 month
Kometa LLC (Russia)
"Kometa ZOG software complex"
2 RU
7 month
Cormay Rusland LLC (Russia)
"Products and Reagents NOVAPREP"
5 RU
5 month
“Complex EYE MICROSURGERY" (Russia)
"Kits of eyelid retractors KVMt-MIKOF"
1 RU 12 DC
7 month 7 day
Reper-NN LLC (Russia)
"Ophthalmic kits for cataract surgery "RPR""
4 RU
7 month
Smart Ray JSC (Russia)
"X-ray machine with automated APA control "
1,5 month
"Implants of Different Types of Attachment"
4 RU
4 month
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